In the previous post, I discussed accounting treatment and relevant accounting standards concerning cryptographic assets. So far, we have seen cryptographic assets fitting into the definition of intangible assets and inventories for both the US GAAP and IFRS. Let’s do a quick recap here.

Source: AICPA, PwC

For the accountants…

It’s not news that major payment networks have been exploring ways to tap into the crypto world. In the past year, we’ve seen major payment networks headed into a relay of crypto feature adoption. Earlier in October last year, Paypal announced its partnership with cryptocurrency company Paxis to launch a…

I recently started my MBA summer internship at AppWorks, one of the largest startup accelerators in Asia and one of the most active early-stage VCs in the region. Although I came from a financial advisory background before starting my MBA, I have limited knowledge when it comes to venture investing…


Summer Associate @AppWorks, MBA candidate @Yale SOM

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